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Products LiabilityPrescription Drugs

Products liability cases focus on defective or dangerous products that are unsafe for use. We are all consumers. Each of us has purchased something from a store or retailer with the expectation that what was purchased will be safe to use and work as anticipated. Consumers should have the assurance that products bought for everyday use will not cause harm or injury.

Prescription drugs can often have dangerous side effects that far outweigh their benefits and can cause serious injury or death. Often, the injuries arising from the use of prescription drugs result from inadequate testing by the manufacturers to detect these dangerous side effects or the failure to warn doctors and the public when dangerous side effects arise after the drug had been on the market. Drugs that have been investigated for adverse side effects include:

  • Actos
  • Acutane
  • Ephedra
  • Fen–Phen
  • Fluorquiniolone antibiotics such as Cipro and Levaquin
  • Pradaxa
  • Yaz, Yasmin
  • Xarelto

Additionally, medical devices such as hip implants and transvaginal mesh products have also been implicated as causing injury and harm.

Louise A. Lock makes it a priority to make sure that those responsible for manufacturing and selling defective products, drugs and devices to consumers are held accountable. Ms. Lock has extensive knowledge in product liability matters, and is aware of the many nuances and procedural steps involved in successfully prosecuting defective products liability claims.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a defective product drug or medical device, or if you have questions regarding a products liability claim, contact Louise A. Lock.